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Accurate trading signals to make your life easier.

Here you will find trading signals developed by professional traders and developers. These scripts can be used directly on your personal TradingView charts. The signals are plotted live, so you won't miss the opportunity to enter on a profitable trade. Our scripts are back-tested and we only publish those generating accurate signals.

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  • trending_up

    Trends Finder

    Find out when is the best moment to get in and out of a trade choosing signals that show you high probability initiation and ending points of a trend.

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  • edit

    Endless Customization

    Edit the inputs, periods, indicators used and much more adapting Takashi Signals to your trading style.

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    All the signals are plotted inside your own charts. Set alerts through the TradingView platform and never miss a profitable trade again.

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Don't have TradingView?

To use Takashi Trading Signals you will need a TradingView account. The platform provides beautiful and easy to use HTML 5 charts for better trading.


Safe to Use

You won't need to give us any password, API Keys or personal information.


Our signals will be monitoring which ever market(s) you choose, all the time.


You are able to receive Takashi Trading Signals wherever you are.

A few examples from the past

  • BTC/USD, 240, Coinbase
    Swing Trade

    Price increases more than 173% after signal for long position.

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  • LTC/BTC, 5, Binance
    Day Trade

    Price increases more than 6% after signal for long position.

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  • ADA/BTC, 60, Binance
    Swing Trade

    Price decreases more than 24% after signal for short position.

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  • ETH/USD, 240, Bitfinex
    Swing Trade

    Price decreases more than 43% after signal for short position.

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  • ETH/USD, 240, Bitfinex
    Swing Trade

    Price increases more than 100% after signal for long position.

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