Takashi is the result of a movement that began in 2017 by a group of crypto traders, developers and enthusiasts, who first met online. The goal was to work together in real time in order to optimise trading results. Soon, more developers joined the group and we started to code trading strategies based on successful trades. Now, rebranded as Takashi Trading Club, we are ready to grow our community. We believe crypto and the blockchain technology have the power to change the way we perceive the world and root the biggest wealth transfer in human history.


Where everything started
Q1 — 2017

First trades executed together by a group of traders.

Growing Community
Q3 — 2017

More traders and some developers join the trading group.

Way to Automation
Q4 — 2017

Our trading robot execute first automated trades using our trading models.

Takashi Trading Club
Q2 — 2018

Rebrand and evaluation of all trading history. Plans for a more accessible platform.

Takashi Trading Club Launch
Q3 — 2018

Launch of trading club's website and turning Takashi Trading Signals public.

We're looking for talent

Are you a professional trader? Got great skills with algorithmic coding? Interested to work in challenging field? Drop us a message and tell us about your experience.

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